Woohoo!!!! 14 inches of snow last night. Went speeding with my brother. Got a bruise on the back of my left leg, but it was worth it.

great room 4 rent!

10x15 room for rent near Mission & Silver. $700 a month, includes large closet, shared bathroom & kitchen, and no utilities. Quiet roommates, gay friendly, absolutely no drugs, smoking outside only, sorry no pets. Available immediately. Text me or msg me here.


Anyone in the city have a Couch I can crash on for a couple weeks? Am in serious need. would greatly appreciate it. Would be able to pay $100.


Ladies & Gentleman, boys & girls! May I direct your attention to this posting! FOR SALE: 1 NIKON D40 camera in perfect condition. Comes with 2 lenses, 1 bag, a 2 gb memory card, and lots of other goodies! Place your bids here!


Need Capes

WILL PAY - need 3 green capes that have the DNA logo on them, with the words "Captain Drunkey Pants" written below the logo. If someone can make this let me know, also let me know the cost + labor


Virgo Birthday Bash!

Putting together a Virgo party! Friday Sept. 4th is my Birthday and Saturday Sept. 5th is Kae Oz's bday. Not sure what is going on on Saturday, so figured I would just throw one big Virgo party that we can all enjoy together. Would love to see everyone there!

Friday, September 4th
9:30pm - Closing
(free before 10pm)
Cat Club (8th & Folsom)

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Iron Summoner

So I know there have been quite a few summon guides out there, I noticed a lot of them do not use Iron Golem, and that they all use Clay Golem. I decided to make an Iron Golem Summoner Guide. I can slaughter everything in hell and most of the Uber's, except Uber Mephisto. I very rarely die and am able to kill anything and everything that I fight. This is an expensive build though. I am currently level 82 in single player so do not have all the points I could use.

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
10 Golem Mastery
1 Iron Golem
1 into all other summon skills (except fire golem)
10 points bone armor
10 Corpse explosion
1 Decrepify
Rest of points into Golem Mastery and Corpse Explosion

2 SoJ's (Nagel for mf-ing)
Magefist gloves (Chance Guards for mf-ing)
Arachnid's Mesh belt
+3 Boneflame necro shield
Marrowwalk boots (War Traveler's for mf-ing)
Heart of the Oak (ethereal flail)
Anni and Torch
5 necro summon charms (Gheeds for mf-ing)
6 7% mf  small charms

Switch Gear:
"Call to Arms" war axe (light str)
"Spirit" Monarch

Hireling: act 5 barb
"Last Wish" Collosus Blade (ethereal)
"Fortitude" armor (ethereal) or (Enigma for mf-ing)
"Crown of thieves" helm with a Ber rune (high life leach) Or Vampires Gaze

Iron Golem made with "Infinity" Polearm"

So far my Golem has 7889 life. If I use Battle Orders (from Call to Arms) at level 13 it increases that life by 71%. In other words he's pretty tough to kill. When ever he gets low on life I just shoot back to town and talk to a healer.

Between the Decrepify, Conviction, Might Auras, and Corpse Explosion, everything is pretty easy to kill. For bosses, I just teleport right on top of them and run away really quick so all my summons are within striking range, otherwise they will be scattered about and not all of them get through. I then just sit back and Decrepify the boss I am fighting.

(Tip) If you decide to use Revives, get missile Revives (I preffer anything that shoots magic). That way you have damage of all types.


okay so thanks to a great friend of mine I was able to go see a dentist today. Worse than I thought. I have 1 broken wisdom tooth to be removed, 1 tooth to be drilled and capped, an infected moler (that has nerve damage and an abscess) to be removed or have a root canal done on it. Gonna get infected tooth removed next Tuesday. The meds I got are Vicodin #20 and Immoxicillin (500mg). Oh and the infected moler has a hook. So taking it out is gona be super sucky.

My boss is a great lady! She is gonna help me get my pills and I pay her back on Friday. Thanks gawd too, I am in some serious pain today after the dentist was poking around and doing ex-rays in my mouth. Plus I don't have enough money on my bart ticket to make it back to work tomorrow. Thought I had more on it, but was so tired from getting home at 6am and getting up at 10am that I read it wrong. suck suck suckity suck suck



Does anyone know a free or *really* cheap dentist? I gotta have a (hrmm) couple teeth pulled that are putting me through some excruciating pain right now. I am basically completely broke and can't afford anything. Am about to take out the teeth on my own if I have to.