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So, as many of you with disagree with and probably chastise me for doing it. I quit my job on Sunday night.

I got tired of being blamed for every damn thing that went wrong with my company. Anytime anyone did something wrong or forgot to do something or anything my bosses could think of that wasn't right, I got blamed for it. Every time I turned around I was getting the rudest attitude I have ever had in a job place.

I was told by my boss that there is no excuse for someone not coming in to work, and that I basically had to verbally force them to come in. That I needed to be meaner and make it sound as if the person didn't come in to work (on their day off even!) that they would be frowned upon and basically be treated like shit or fired (which is illegal). I know

I should have just let them fire me, but it was a heat of the moment thing. I just couldn't stand the horrible treatment I was getting. On the good side, I got to tell my supervisor to FUCK OFF. Unfortunately it was over the phone and not in person. That would have made me feel much better.

So now I back to Job hunting. I have a lead on something that sounds really fun with some good friends. However I am still hunting for other opportunities just in case the other job doesn't come through.
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