stomper_boi (stomper_boi) wrote,


okay so thanks to a great friend of mine I was able to go see a dentist today. Worse than I thought. I have 1 broken wisdom tooth to be removed, 1 tooth to be drilled and capped, an infected moler (that has nerve damage and an abscess) to be removed or have a root canal done on it. Gonna get infected tooth removed next Tuesday. The meds I got are Vicodin #20 and Immoxicillin (500mg). Oh and the infected moler has a hook. So taking it out is gona be super sucky.

My boss is a great lady! She is gonna help me get my pills and I pay her back on Friday. Thanks gawd too, I am in some serious pain today after the dentist was poking around and doing ex-rays in my mouth. Plus I don't have enough money on my bart ticket to make it back to work tomorrow. Thought I had more on it, but was so tired from getting home at 6am and getting up at 10am that I read it wrong. suck suck suckity suck suck

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