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My phone is on the fritz. Dropped in the sink that was full of water last night and now it wants to randomly and constantly call people, especially my voice mail. damnit. Well looks like I gotta go get another phone or see if Metro pcs will fix this one. been letting it dry all night long too. Even took out the battery.


Besides having computer problems I am also having major neck pains. whole left side hurts like a (O*&#. Aside from the pain, my Neck will not turn left. I have been stretching and trying different things to loosen it up, but to no avail. Just so I am not screaming in pain I have to keep my Neck tilted to my right. Trying to get ahold of my favorite massage therapist, but I think he is busy today. :C


Something is wrong with my laptop. I was copying/burning pictures onto a disk and it stopped/froze. It works with other cd's/disks, but just not that one. My computer wouldn't boot up all the way...atleast not to windows. It booted normally then the screen went black and....nothing. Had to restart in safe mode then restart in normal just to get here. Any help with this?

p.s. it works with my diablo2 cd.

Vultures Galour

Wow. I have to say last night was interesting. Naturally the usual cock blockers came up when they saw me with a cute girl, but they were actually trying (physically) to pull her away from me when we were dancing. Hehe. I was even told by one bartender that if I wanted to knock the Vultures teeth out that I wouldn't be 86'ed. Alot of people were actually trying to get me to do it too! haha. I love my friends. The sad thing is the girl left back to her home in Denver, but may move back here at the end of June. The best part is, she likes everything I do and also hates everything I do.

Bad Me :D

I did a bad thing today. Something I haven't done in ohh...about 6 years. I know I shouldn't have done it, but ooh it was soooo tempting and I broke down and did it. I really shouldn't have. I mean I kept telling myself not to, that it would be bad in the long run, that I would regret it later and that I should talk to someone about it just so I don't do it, or maybe have them try to talk me out of doing it. I really really should start listening to myself and ignoring that bad side that says.."it's okay, we will figure a way out of whatever problems arise from doing this". AND of course I failed to listen...quite miserably actually.


I got a pair of Black 20 eye NPS boots. They cost me $216 and change. I wanted the Bourgandy pair, but they didn't have them in my size (cry), but I HAD to have them, so I got them. :D I figured it was time to spoil myself, being as I never buy anything fancy like this (cept my phone about 5 months back).

Will be sporting them tonight at Drunken Monkey.


Pot Luck at Drunken Monkey on May 27th in appreciation for SONYA working so hard to get us all so topsy turvy. Unfortunately, our dear Sonya will be leaving soon and her last night working at Drunken Monkey is.....duh...May 27th. SO everyone needs to be there. Bring your favorite food, snacks, desserts, or whatever you wanna eat and share with everyone else. Or if you want to, just stop by and enjoy the food and alcohol with the rest of us there. Hope to see everyone there!

MAY 27, 9:30pm - 2am

ow oW and OW

I think I drank to much last night. Actually I know I drank waaay to much last night! I did make some new friends from Germany though.